64-Channel Thermal Data Logger Chassis w/Software

51101-64 64-Channel Thermal Data Logger Chassis w/Software

Model 51101-64

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Requires A511003 8-port sensor card(s). Software included. Chroma thermal/multi-function data loggers measure temperatures, voltages, and currents with high accuracy and resolutions. They are by far the most cost-effective solutions for versatility, accuracy, stability, and interference immunity in their category. For example, they support 8 types of thermal couples measurement with ITS-90 defined temperature range at 0.3? accuracy and 0.01? resolution*, while most data loggers in the market are at 1? accuracy and 0.1? resolution*. Chroma loggers are with 1000VDC channel to channel isolation, which means they can attach thermal couples to objects with high electricity, such as batteries, solar cells, working PCB, etc., and still get correct data. Many competitors simply malfunction, or are even damaged in those cases. Chroma loggers use a parallel architecture for data retrieval, while most of our competitors use a sequential multiplexing method. This means data rate per channel is quick and constant for Chroma loggers, while others become much slower as more channels are used.

*Thermal couple error excluded.