Sentry Hipot Tester (AC)

Sentry Hipot Tester (AC)

Model 19071

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Model 19701

The Sentry 19071 provides AC Hipot testing only. The Sentry 19070 series testers are compact, lightweight and low cost. Its compact size is easy to move around the production floor and the large LCD display makes viewing measurement results easy. These high value Hipot Testers are most applicable to safety testing electronic components. 2-Year factory warranty. This model replaced Quadtech's Sentry 10 Plus.

  • AC hipot tester
  • AC 5kV and DC 6kV output
  • Ground continuity check
  • Open Short Check(OSC) function
  • GFI shutdown the instrument when imbalance current > 0.5mA
  • Pause mode
  • Large LCD display
  • UL and TUV approved
  • CE mark
  • Programmable ramp/fall and test time
  • Programmable high/low limit
  • Save/Recall program test function
  • Remote control and interface support
  • 2-Year factory warranty

(Pictured is our 19073 unit)